Family Living

August 2018

Aug 20

Help your child grow in holiness

by JoAnn Paradise in Catholic Parent Know-How How good is our God! How blessed are we his people! How sacred is the family, the place where God first gathers us, forms us, and then sends us out into the world so that his kingdom comes as his will is done. How grateful we are that we can experience his very presence in the sacraments, brought to...
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Aug 13

Tips for smoother life transitions

excerpt from “Times of Transition” article by Emily Stimpson Chapman, OSV Newsweekly   [How] in the midst of perpetual transition, can young adults find the spiritual footing they need to move forward, not backward, in their journey to God? The answer to that question starts with recognizing that change, in and of itself, is not...
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Aug 6

A Mass Prayer for Families

Lord Jesus Christ, Your gift of Eucharist is beyond us. It is beyond our imaginations, beyond our senses, beyond our ability to comprehend. Increase in us, your family, our desire to receive you, and share you in our lives. The Mass is central to our faith, Lord. It is where we will find you; may it be where you find us, always seeking to show...
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Family Living

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Tips and tools to help your family integrate the faith into daily life