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April 2018

Apr 20

Opening the Word: The martyr shepherd

By: Timothy P. O'Malley OSV Newsweekly Good Shepherd Sunday is not for the faint of heart. Sure, it’s consoling to contemplate Jesus as the shepherd who seeks out the lost sheep. He finds us caught in the thistles of our wayward hearts, lifting us up and taking us home to safety. But a close reading of the Gospel of John will demonstrate...
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Apr 18

New document urges daily quest for holiness

  Michael R. Heinlein OSV Newsweekly Pope Francis released the newest contribution to his magisterium April 9: a document on the call to holiness in today’s world. The text, called “Gaudete et Exsultate” (“Rejoice and be glad”), was signed on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph. “Gaudete et Exsultate”...
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Apr 16

Not rocket science

By: Teresa Tomeo OSV Newsweekly I have to admit I was quite intimidated at first. I was honored, as well, but mostly intimidated. It’s not every day that a writer, even one with several books, and more than 30 years of media experience under her belt, is asked to come up with a compelling introduction to a Christian classic. It was...
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Apr 13

Encountering Christ

By: Timothy P. O'Malley OSV Newsweekly To be Catholic means entering into a personal relationship with Christ. It is a matter of encounter. But what is the precise nature of this encounter? During Easter, we contemplate what it means to encounter the risen Lord. The disciples are gathered in a hidden place. Their isolation has been interrupted...
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Apr 11

Pope implores hope, peace in Easter message

By:  OSV Staff OSV Newsweekly On April 1, Pope Francis delivered his “urbi et orbi” (to the city of Rome and the world) Easter message from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to the crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square. The full English translation of his message follows. Dear brothers and sisters,...
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Apr 9

Survey says: faith

By: Robert P. Lockwood OSV Newsweekly I publicly admit my faults to a fault. It comes from the Irish side of my mother’s family. It’s what we do. This week’s admission: I watch the Game Show Network at times. GSN is a cable channel that provides exactly what it is named. It broadcasts endless game shows, reruns from five, 10,...
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Apr 6

Love’s mercy received

By: Timothy P. O'Malley OSV Newsweekly In drama, conflicted characters generally are more interesting. If Hamlet had had a clear conscience, a definite sense of purpose, then the tragedy would have ended pretty quickly. In fact, it wouldn’t have been a tragedy. Perhaps it’s our fascination with such conflict that draws our attention...
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Apr 4

How Can We Foster Unity In the Church

By: Brian Fraga OSV Newsweekly In the Gospel of John, Jesus prayed that Christians would be united just as he and God the Father are one. But from the Church’s early days, that unity has been tested. Christians over the centuries have disagreed with each other over many issues. St. Paul wrote that he once had to correct St. Peter for not...
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Apr 2

Engaging culture

By Teresa Tomeo OSV Newsweekly It is easy to get discouraged and think that those of us concerned about moral decline in our society can have very little positive influence. Something as simple as posting a story on Facebook can result in an all-out viral assault, making us want to unplug, go back to bed and pull the covers over our heads. But...
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