"Flat Jesus"

Take "Flat Jesus" on Vacation


Jesus never takes a vacation away from us, so why should we forget about Him this summer? Here's how to take "Flat Jesus" with you:

  1. Print this page on card stock, and Color and cut out this picture of Jesus on vacation (You may want to have it laminated).

  2. Take "Flat Jesus" with you for all your summer adventures!

  3. Use your mobile phone camera to record your travels together. When you are out-of-town on the weekends, be sure to attend Mass at a local Catholic church and take a photo of "flat Jesus" in fron of the church sign. Attending Mass in new places can be an adventure. To find a church near you, go to www.masstimes.org.

  4. Share your photos with "flat Jesus" on social media, pin your location with the #FlatJesus, and send your photos to share on the parish website to church@piusxparish.org.

  5. Make extra copies of "Flat Jesus", and send to friends and family of all ages!



#FlatJesus and Lily, Reina & Mila on June 27
delivering donations  to the Eastern Shore Migrant Camp.