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The goal of Youth Ministry for parents is to begin and/or continue fostering a beautiful relationship with your children where you can openly discuss faith and moral issues as well as pray together as a family. Youth Ministry is not aimed to replace the role of the parent in your teen's spiritual life but assist you in this essential role!

Who is LIFE TEEN for?
High School aged teens: 9 – 12 grades

My Child goes to Catholic High School. Should they attend Youth Group? YES!

  • Having the opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus outside of school is essential to fostering a healthy and lifelong faith life.
  • Youth group gives teens an opportunity to grow in Christian fellowship with other teens from their parish, praying together and creating an environment where they build each other up and call one another on to greater holiness goes far beyond what a school environment can offer.
  • We offer teen the chance to attend LIFE Sunday's, social nights, mission trips, service projects and life changing retreats, which are some of the few ways that create this unique and awesome fellowship.

Registration NOW OPEN for LIFE TEEN 2018-19

What can I do to help out?

LT Prayer Team

We, sons and daughters of God our Father, are all one family. Just as we pray for the members of our immediate family, the LT prayer team are committed to praying each day for the youth of our parish. This is a vital aspect of Youth Ministry at our parish, and a beautiful way to connect with the teens!

Please sign up to commit to praying for our youth. You will receive emails about particular prayer intentions needed, such as teen prayer requests, upcoming retreats and individual teens.

LT Sponsors

A thriving Youth Ministry program has many needs: funds, resources, talents, time, and energy. Members of the LT Sponsors can recognize the unique gifts that they have and are willing to share them with the Youth of our parish. Whether you’re able to make/bring food for the teens to enjoy at their weekly youth nights, or if you own a property that the teens could enjoy using for a weekend retreat or event (jet skis, surf boards, a basketball court, a cabin in the woods...), or you’re just wanting to make a monthly donation towards Youth Ministry, this is the perfect team for you to join. Please search your heart to see if there is anything you can bring to the table that will serve the Youth of our parish family.

LT Core Team

There are many events that the teens participate in each week, but a lot of energy goes into the weekly Life Sunday's which takes place  12-2 pm every Sunday. For Sundays to run according to plan, we need Core Members for our LIFE TEEN program. Core Members are committed to being at the Life Sundays and will be available to provide talks to the teens, facilitate small group conversations, and/or just be present to the teens in a supportive way. This is a commitment for sure, but the rewards of ministering to the teens in this way are well worth your time and energy!

If you are interested in becoming a Core Member and want to learn more about it, please contact the youth minister! Must be at least 21 years of age to assist.







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