St. Pius X Evangelization Parish Plan

Goal 1

To bring about a renewed enthusiasm in members of our parish for living and sharing their faith

Objective: Proclaim and preach the centrality of the Eucharist in our personal lives.

Current State: There is limited participation at mass and in parish activities and limited communication between parishioners.

Action Steps

  1. Attend training sessions and activities as a team to be inspired and to renew our enthusiasm for the New Evangelism.  Share what we learn with other members of the parish and leaders of the parish ministries.
  2. Share messages of faith with members of the team and collect those messages for use on the web site, as bulletin inserts, church announcements and in church mailings.
  3. Develop tabletop “tents” with scripture messages or messages of faith that can be place on tables in the Parish Hall during Parish activities.
  4. Develop 12 short faith messages that can be “proclaimed” before each mass (“Faith in Five”).
  5. Incorporate the evangelistic message into homilies.
  6. Encourage parishioners to share their personal faith (their Jesus story) with short stories for the bulletin or as an announcement after mass and at other opportunities as they present themselves.
  7. Develop an “Encounter the Joy of the Gospel, Set the World Ablaze” section for the Parish Web page.  Ensure it has links to information about living and sharing our faith.  (Add counter to the page.)
  8. Explore different ways to get more parishioners involved in mass (altar servers, Eucharistic Ministers, chorus, lectors, gifts, ushers, greeters, clean up, etc.). Focus on getting those that are not usually involved rather than having the same people doing everything.
  9. Explore different ways to get more parishioners involved in faith filled activities before and after mass (rosary, faith sharing, sorting collected food, coffee and donuts, etc.).

    10. Explore different faith enhancing programs to bring to the parish to renew parishioners’ enthusiasm and increase the knowledge of their faith.

Goal 2

“To bring about a renewed/increased involvement in parish ministries expanding the focus on the evangelization message”

Objective: To proclaim and spread the gospel in our parish ministries.

Current State: There is limited participation in many of the parish ministries and activities. Many parishioners are not aware of the different ministries and the opportunities to serve the community and parish through our ministries.

Action Steps

  1. Share the message of the New Evangelization with all the Parish ministries.
  2. Encourage all Parish Ministry leaders and team members to attend one of the upcoming Cursillo Retreats or other similar retreat and to participate in any training provided regarding the New Evangelization.
  3. Evaluate existing ministries and determine the need for new ministries in areas where parish needs are not currently being met.
    1. Evaluate best practices of those ministries that have a successful outreach to the community and share their successes with other ministries.

      4. Make parishioners more aware of the opportunities to serve and participated in parish activities.
      a.  Produce laminated “Welcome Card” for all parishioners
      b.  Produce one page handout of available parish activities
      c.  Place more emphasis on evangelization at the annual stewardship fair
      d.  Set up an email distribution to remind parishioners of upcoming events

5.  Place a renewed emphasis on getting the youths and young adults involved in our Parish Ministries.

 6.  Establish a “Welcome Committee Ministry” and provide Welcome Packages that includes information on our ministries for new or interested parishioners.

 7.  Establish a Speaker’s Committee to find interesting and informative speakers to talk to the parish and speak with various groups and parish ministries.