Parish Sports

All children registered in Religious Education are eligible to participate in the St. Pius X Basketball League, Girls Volleyball or Boys Soccer.SB


In order to participate in the Basketball League as a player, league rules are as follow:



In order to be eligible to participate in the League, a player must satisfy one of the following two requirements:

A. The player shall be enrolled and in good standing in school. (A Hampton Roads Catholic School)

B. The player shall be enrolled and in good standing in the CCD/ Religious ED. program of a Tidewater parish and at least one of the player’s parents/legal guardians shall be a registered member of the same member parish. Proof of CCD/ Religious ED. program enrollment must be provided with the players League registration form. Each parish/school with CCD/ Religious ED. players must submit a monthly enrollment report to the League’s Registration Committee from the CCD/ Religious ED. Coordinator/Parish Religion advisor.

***Must have paid their registration in FULL prior to classes starting any parish sponsored sports.

The (child/children) player must be in enrolled and in Good Standing in the Religious Education Program.

St. Pius X Religious Education understands that Good Standing means

1.     Registration for Religious Education must be complete, paid in full and player begins attending regularly from the first day of Religious Education in September.

2.     Attendance is expected weekly; parents must notify DRE/CRE or Catechist if their child/children will be absent. If parents are divorced and a child attends every other week, those missed weeks are not counted against the child/children and work will be sent with them, to help their child stay on top of their religious education. However, if they attend a game/practice on Sunday afternoon they should be at Religious Education in the morning (just if they miss the classes we expected them to attend). After 2 unexcused absences a child is no longer in good standing and would not be permitted to play any of the parish sponsored sports.

3.     If no notification is given prior to the absence, an email is sent to the parent (a response is expected).

4.     If a child has special needs and cannot make classes regularly, parents must have a conversation with the DRE/CRE to determine how the work will be made up so that, missed weeks are not counted against the child if the work is made up.