Religious Education

Welcome to St. Pius X Religious Education!

Dear Friends,
Among the most important pastoral responsibilities for me as a priest, and certainly, a major concern for the entire parish, is sharing our faith meaningfully with our young people. A good part of our parish resources and much of our time and effort is allocated towards our youth.

For Catholics, the Eucharist remains always the center of our life and the source of strength for all we do. Nothing else approaches its importance. It is with this understanding and conviction that we provide a Religious Education program for the primary grades centering on Sunday Mass. We want to provide our children with meaningful experience of the Eucharist at their level of comprehension and make clear the continuity between what they are learning in their instructions about the Lord and his life, and how we literally share that life in the Mass and other Sacraments. It is for this reason that we offer a comprehensive program for our youth from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

It is absolutely necessary to the success of this effort that we work together.  We are committed to do everything we can to provide a quality and attractive program for your children, but you must be sure they attend regularly and are on time. We are well aware that there are many attractive activities that compete for your time and that of your children on Sunday mornings such as sport events and practices, shopping and other recreational activities. It is vital that Sunday Mass and religious education be a priority in your home and in the life of your family.  Nothing is more important than the example children receive from their parents.

Unfortunately, when we take a casual approach to the obligation of Sunday Mass the attitude is readily passed on to our children. We see its effect in both a decline of appreciation of the value of Mass and in the inconsistent attendance by many families. Nonetheless, Sunday Eucharist remains the main bond to the Church for Catholics, the sign of our Catholic identity, and is always the vital source of Catholic life. Nothing else even approaches it as a substitute. If, somehow, it has lost its unique significance in your home, do everything you can to restore it.

It is absolutely vital that you as parents understand how important it is that you continue to attend Sunday Mass with your children every week. This gives continuity and support to our efforts and reinforces what we teach and by you, your children’s most effective teachers.

Our young people need to know that Confession is available to them weekly, usually on Saturdays at 3:45pm, at Church throughout the year.
We hope that parents will work by word and example to provoke in their children a sense of gratitude for the Church and of respect for our catechists who take a special interest in their students and spend much time preparing for their important task. So often we take people and services for granted. We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing in our faith.
May God, through whom all good things are accomplished, bless you, bestowing peace, health and happiness on your families and your homes.

In Christ Our Lord,

Father Nixon Negparanon