Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for Parish Evangelization Meeting of 12 Jan 2015

A meeting of the Encounter the Joy of the Gospel group (Parish Evangelization Team) was held on Monday, Jan 12, 2015, at 6:30pm.  The following individuals were in attendance: Debbie Morris, Shirley Flanagan, Tom Flanagan, Jeanette Mendoza and Marvin Weniger.

We opened the meeting with a reading from the gospel – Colossians 3:12-17.  Deacon was out sick so no opening remarks were given.

Two guests were introduced and welcomed – Marvin Weniger and Jeanette Mendoza

Parish Plan – Debbie discussed the suggestions received from Mike School of the Richmond Diocese regarding the St. Pius Parish Evangelization Plan we asked him to review.  Mr. School indicated that he felt our group was right on target in terms of content of the plan.  He had the following suggestions:

  • We need to develop concrete and actionable steps for some of our areas.  As an example, the action to “Place a renewed emphasis on getting the youths and young adults involved in our Parish Ministries” is a great goal but we provide no details or plans on how to accomplish this goal.
  • He also felt that some of our ideas focused more on Year 3 versus Year 1 (Personal Encounter) and Year 2 (Domestic Church).

Copies of his comments were sent to team members.  Mr. School also indicated that he would be happy to visit with our group and have a working session as well.  Debbie plans to follow up with him and request the working session.

Welcome Package – Shirley showed the group the items that she had put together for the Welcome Package.  She is still waiting on the bags that she ordered.  They should be in on February 14. The bags will hold information about the parish/parish ministries, a rosary, prayer card, registration information, and several other items.  It was suggested that once completed, 20 bags will be given to the Parish Office so they could provide them to new parishioners who stop in to register.  The others should be made available for the ushers and greeters to hand out to people at mass wanting to find out more about joining our parish.  We still need to work out details on that.  They could also be used by a Welcome Committee (if and when formed).

Prayer Group – Shirley indicated that the prayer group was now official.  There are currently 7 parishioners participating counting her.  She plans to put up a poster (once approved) to try and get more participants.  The group meets every Sunday after the 8 am mass.  This is at approximately 9:15 am.  They meet in the Teachers’ Lounge or the back of the Parish Hall, whichever works out for the group.

Lenten soup suppers – Debbie spoke to Kathy Bennett last week who confirmed she would be asking various ministry groups to bring pots of soup for Lent soup suppers on Wednesdays.  Debbie told her that the PET would try to get speakers to speak at those suppers.  There should be 5 soup suppers as the soup suppers are not held on Ash Wed or during Holy Week.  This would mean they would start on Feb 25 and run through Mar 25 so we should try and get 5 speakers committed.

Speakers – Tom Flanagan had been contacting potential speakers.  He had four speakers reply that they would be interested. They are Sister Linda, Father Jun, Father Kuhn (ODU), and Brandon from Theology on Tap. The group also provided suggestions for other potential speakers.  Father Nixon requested that Tom discuss the potential speakers with him.  We will try to set up a meeting with Father Nixon after the 8:00 am mass on this Sunday or the next.

Men’s Group – Tom indicated the Men’s club will have their first meeting 1/28/15 at 5:30 pm.  It has been in the announcements the past two weeks.  Initially they will be setting up who will be doing what and they are hoping to get some projects going working with the church and school.  Eventually, they would like to get involved in some of the charitable organizations in the area.  Suggestions were provided of some projects they may want to consider initially including raising funds to support NEST, collecting donations for the Migrant Ministry, and gathering crayons, toys and other supplies for CARES. There are between 10 and 15 men participating currently.

Faith Messages – Clifton was unable to attend the meeting so no update was provided.

Web Page – Debbie had contacted the Parish office to see if they could set up a section for the New Evangelization.  They are checking and will get back to her.  Marvin asked if we could check on whether there was a possibility to put a counter on the web site without a large cost.

Email and inserts – Debbie is working on an email for the parish ministry leads.  A discussion was held regarding ideas for bulletin inserts.  “The 10 Things Pope Frances wants you to know about the New Evangelization” was suggested.  550 inserts would be needed.  Debbie will continue to collect more ideas.

Family Handout – The group looked at the handout that was given out for Family participation at another church.  The group liked it but felt it should be tailored for St. Pius.  Debbie took an action to try and get it into Microsoft Word format so that it could be tailored and presented for approval.  It could also be included in the Welcome Package.

Christmas and Easter Cards – Marvin suggested that we develop Easter or Christmas cards to welcome parishioners and provide a spiritual message.  The group liked the idea and Debbie suggested we come up with an estimated cost and add it to our grant application.

Parish Council – Shirley provided information on what information was needed by Debbie on her talk on the PET committee for the Parish Council presentation.  It was agreed by Debbie to get the information together.

Deacon Wentworth – It was suggested that we invite him to come speak to our group on either Feb 3 or Feb 10.  It was also suggested that we invite members of the Parish Council to attend his presentation.

Grant Application – We still don’t have a person to develop the grant application.  All members should continue to collect specific details on what we want to request in a grant.

New Items

  • The Prayers for the Faithful at the Santo Nino mass included a wonderful tribute for the new evangelization that would be great to include at future masses.  Debbie will see if she can get a copy of it from the FilAm group.
  • Marvin suggested that we need to focus a lot of efforts on getting the youth involved in our parish.  A discussion was held on past efforts and ongoing activities.
  • Little Creek has lost their Catholic priest.  We have new families coming to our church.  Need to reach out to them.

Action items – there was no time left to review action items so they will be captured in the minutes.

Next Meeting – Mon., May 4th, 6:30pm, Parish Office